Al Muir

My Approach

I am running a campaign of ideas. Ideas that will deal with the long standing problems In Central Nova that never get fixed regardless of how many elections cycles come and go. Health Care, Northern Pulp and Rural/Regional economic growth top the list.

What Needs To Be Done

In a rural riding with an aging and declining population it is essential that we come to grips with the real problems with health care that linger regardless of successive previous Liberal and Conservative governments both Federal and Provincial. The old parties and old ways are not working and we see it in our hospitals every day. They have failed over decades to correct these problems.

As a life long naturalist I am acutely aware of the present composition of our forest lands and what value added activities can arise from them and the environmental challenges they face.

The Ivany Report listed a myriad of problems we as a province face but outside of targets it offered little guidance on how to reach them. We need new ideas to accomplish our economic goals.

Next Steps…